About us

A Culture of Service as Your 3PL Partner

Import from world is our métier! No matter what you need, be it a tiny towel or bulky bulldozers, we can make it available for you at your doorstep at a vying rate! Having the operational experience of working with many a organization throughout the years and with the experts with sound knowledge in import, export and supply chain industries, taking care of your need is not arduous for us at all.

At SK Cargo Ltd, we build your business world one package at a time with exceptional service – both in the air and on the ground! And we treat each package, may it be tiny or huge, with the attention it deserves!

Our Mission

  • To confirm 3 shipments within a week that is running at 2 shipments per week basis.
  • To establish warehouses in 10 important cities in China whereas at present we have warehouses in 3 cities.

Our Vision

  • We want to make international trade easy and borderless as much as possible. We have aimed to expand our business to many more countries apart from China, that is we are trading with currently.
  • We have aimed to provide import service to the maximum e-commerce platforms of Bangladesh.
  • We have aimed to create a learning platform for the young entrepreneurs where we like to provide them all the facilities they need.

Core Value

  • To become transparent to ensure accountability that helps us discharge our responsibilities
  • To remain responsible for the deeds we have to provide to our clients
  • We are client focused as they are the driving force of all of our operations.
  • To be accountable for the tasks we have been assigned to accomplish as it is the way of our development
  • To count the value, we have created for our clients in lieu of the money we have been paid to make them victorious
  • To keep providing quality service in the first place
  • Our teammates feel free to give their well thought opinions on anything and if logical the seniors take those into account.
  • To upgrade our services as per the suggestions given by our clients.
  • We try our best to serve the clients within the least possible time.


We believe in Transparency. Get complete visibility of your shipment from receiving to delivery at your doorstep.


We are responsible once we receive your goods. We are committed to delivering your valuables to your doorstep Timely and Safely.


We want to grow together with our clients. We are developing every day to serve better.


The following gentlemen/lady are the core team players of SK Cargo that are leading the strategies and operations in a body

MD. Waheduzzaman

Managing Director

Abu Shaid Tuhel

Head of Operation

Abdul Awal Bhuiyan

Team Leader, CRM & Operation

Tasmin Nahar

Team Lead,Query Management

Tanjila Mumu

Team Lead,Key Account Manager

Mohammad Mustafizur Rahman

Asst. Manager, Corporate Sales

Farjana Islam

Sr. Executive, Accounts & Finance

Tanvir Khan Efty

Sr. Executive, HR & Admin

Robin Ahmed

Supervisor, Warehouse


Prakash Das

General Manager

Ms. Star

Sea Shipment IN charge

Ms. Lusia

Office Secretary

Mr. Hari

Air Shipment IN charge, GZ Warehouse

Meng Bobo

Air Shipment IN charge, SZ Warehouse