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Step 1 Product Listing

To purchase from 1688 or Taobao, please send product links with necessary information what you want to buy.

Step 2 Price Quotation

Once you submit, our China office will check the file and send you an invoice within 24 hours.

Step 3 Payment

To confirm order, you have to pay the product price with our service charge in advance.

Step 4 Purchase

Our China office will purchase the confirmed order according to the order sheet. You will get an update after successful purchase

Step 5 Inspection

We will perform a quality check of your arrived product in our warehouse. Usually we check the outer quality like (Color, Size, External Defect, Design).

Step 6 Shipment

After pass out the quality check, we will prepare the product for shipment. We have weekly 2 air shipment in Monday and Thursday, please check out the shipment information section.

Step 7 Shipment Charge

Our shipment charge depends based on the type(s) of product and it(s) weight. You can receive the products from our Dhaka office or take delivery to your doorstep. We use third party courier service to deliver inside Dhaka.

Step 8 Receive Product & Feedback

You’ll receive a text message when shipment is ready to deliver. All you need to pay the carrying costs at times of receiving the products. We appreciate you sharing your overall experience.